So here's the first post on my visual blog!!

From here I'll look to add a little insight into how I produce my work and what's on the go...


First up here's a sneak peak of the graphic novel the wonderful writer (and incredible digital artist, check out !!) Johnny English and I have been working on for what seems like an eternity...

This was done with coloured inks and speedball black on watercolour paper (I can't remember the brand, I think it was Caneletto??). I much prefer the reproduction value of coloured inks and they are much brighter and more bouncy with their value. They are a touch trickier to use as you can't reactivate them - patience is what you need here, and courage, when it's all said and done. I got turned onto the style by Charles Vess, who is arguably one of the best ink guys there is.

I used Hunt 102 dip pen nibs on smooth hot press watercolour paper which was...ok...but the nibs pulled up the paper a little too much for it to be a regular setup. I'll run a few posts on my dip pen technique sometime in the future as it really is a tricky thing to get right. I thought for a long time it would never work for me, but now I'm at the point where I don't really like tech pen inking anything and good brushes are hard to come by and go bad with the high levels of chemical treatment with our water supply here in Brisbane, Australia.

I ran into trouble earlier on, using heavy wash inks with bristol and illustration board. Problem was the illustration board wouldn't take the colours very well and they sat terribly and the bristol paper can't deal at all with the wet media so there were numerous attempts to get the right mix. I probably could've made my life easier by splitting the process up, but I really REALLY wanted that all in one version of our cover. It was a stubborn badge of honour type situation...:-/ 

For the remainder of the colouring for the comic at large, I'm actually going to print the inks (inked more easily on Bristol paper) onto watercolour paper so I can stretch them out and colour it without worry that the paper will warp and that it will sit properly. Plus if anything goes wrong I can just print out another copy. 

I'll have some snaps of the ongoing pencils and various other tidbits soon! I'll get better at documenting the process so it'll be easier to see what's going on. 

All right nerds, take care, Jon xoxo